Discover How I Generated Over $110,000 With Facebook Ads Using A Tried And Tested Formula

How I Got Over 1500 Leads For Less Than $1.00 Each
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And See How I've Used Facebook Ads To Build My Business
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When You Know How To Get Inexpensive Or FREE Traffic On Demand With Facebook
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I’ve Spent Over $10,000 On Facebook Ads
Over The Past Year Alone

Testing out ideas…
Trying different types of ads…


Engagment Posts

Lead Generation

Video Views

In The First 5 Months Of This Year I Was Able To Generate $100,000

And I also use Facebook To Rake In Massive Profits In My Ecom Month After Month

In Total Facebook Has Helped My Business Generate Over $450,000 In The Last 4 Years

And To Be Clear… Not All Of My Results Were From Paid Campaigns…

I’ve learned how to get a lot of out Facebook without spending a DIME…

I started thinking…

My countless hours and the lessons I’ve personally learned running various marketing campaigns for myself and others on Facebook has a lot of value to someone that’s either struggling or looking to get started on Facebook…

That’s why I decided to put together the ultimate course focused solely on traffic generation that produces profits with Facebook…

That means you get to…

Skip all of the frustration and start getting results faster without the trial and error

Leverage the $10,000 I’ve spent on ads and my 4 years experience with marketing on Facebook

If You Fall Into Any Of The Following Groups,
This Is For You…

It’s Even For Offline Business Owners…


IM Traffic: Facebook Masters Pro

This is like getting an MBA in Facebook Marketing

IM Traffic Facebook Masters Pro is an in depth video training course will show you the EXACT steps to get fast and profitable results with Facebook.

This course is packed with EVERYTHING you need to start getting leads and making money with Facebook as soon as today…

In addition to the video training within each of the 5 modules, you’ll also get 7 webinar training sessions covering everything I know about making six figures year after year in profit with Facebook ads, plus I’ll answer any questions you may have along the way…

You’ll also get a lot more than training…

PDF downloads and “cheat sheets” that saves time when you want to refer back

Mind maps to illustrate exactly how things work and what to do next

Ad formulas and examples so you have a starting point for all of your campaigns

Case studies of actual campaigns, so you can see what works and what doesn’t

This 5-Module, “Over The Shoulder” Training Gives You Everything You Need To Get Profitable Traffic With Facebook Today!

Module 1 - Introduction To Paid Advertising

Module 2 - Facebook Ads Getting Started

Module 3 - Facebook Power Editor

Module 4 - Profit Building With Facebook

Module 5 - Insights & Audiences

7-Week Webinar Training

Here's What Marketing Experts Have To Say...

"If you thinking of using Facebook to advertise then I suggest you first get hold of IM Traffic – Facebook Masters, as you could stand to lose a lot of money advertising on Facebook if you don’t know how to do it correctly.
We’ve reviewed Facebook advertising courses in the past that don’t have anywhere near as much training or information as IM Traffic and they were priced @ $2000+
That’s right guys – many people out there charge over $2000 for very poorly put together Facebook Advertising courses that don’t come close to what IM Traffic provides, and the best part – IM Traffic – Facebook Masters is a steal @ just $67 – wow!"

"This is probably the most complete traffic course from Kevin so far. It gives me insight, ideas and provides clear steps for profitable advertising. Can't wait to start using Facebook advertising again... the right way.
Did I mention that this is newbie friendly too?
Well done Kev!"


You Get These Fast Action Bonuses When You Say “Yes” To IM Traffic Facebook Masters Today

Bonus #1 - Coaching Funnel Case Study

This case study is based on over a year of running Facebook ads to fill up my coaching programs. You’ll discover how I’ve generated well over 1,000 targeted coaching leads at a very low cost per lead.

You’ll see EXACTLY how I did, the profits made, and how you can do the same.

Bonus #2 - Membership Funnel Case Study

The simple ad method I used to fill-up our membership sites and generate a positive ROI (return on investment). You’ll get the breakdown of this campaign and how I turned just over $400 in ad spend into well over $1,300.

You’ll get the pricing method I used for the membership site, an overview of our ad groups, and how you can apply this in your own online business.

Bonus #3 - Offline Funnel Case Study

Facebook ads work great for offline businesses too. This case studies show you how I helped a real estate company generate leads and how I got paid handsomely for it.

When you become an expert at Facebook ads, you can write your own pay check with offline companies and charge fees as high as $5,000 - $10,000+.

How Much For IM Traffic Facebook Masters Pro?

I’m going to be really to the point here.

This is not going to be some $7 course full of hype of fluff…

Today, you’re getting a course created from my 4 years of experience marketing on
Facebook, which generated over $100,000 this year alone.

Of course, for you to get the same experience as you will get with this course, it would cost your YEARS and tens of thousands of dollars… at a minimum.

This course will give you a shortcut to success with Facebook marketing similar to what you’d get if you paid thousands to hire me to coach you personally…

Today, you won’t invest thousands… or hundreds.

For $67, you get instant access to IM Facebook Traffic Masters Pro course.

Test-Drive IM Traffic Facebook Masters On
My Dime For A Full 30 Days…


My goal is to ALWAYS give you the best quality step-by-step training out there… This course is no different.

When you follow what’s inside, you’ll be able to get results extremely quickly.30-day

You get everything you need today to get traffic, leads, and sales right away.

I know how much money this course can make you…

…but you really need to see it all for yourself.

That’s why, you’ll get a full 30 days to go through everything, put this course to the test, and THEN decide if this for you.

I’m sure you’ll love how much money this course makes you, but if it’s not for you, simply send me an email, and I’ll refund your tiny investment, no questions asked.

The only way you lose is if you miss out on grabbing this today.


info-150x150What’s this all about?

This is the most complete course on marketing with Facebook ever released. It’s based on real world testing that’s resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits. If you want become a Facebook marketing expert, you need this.

info-150x150Do I need to be technically savvy?

Absolutely not. You get “over the shoulder” video training that shows you exactly how to do everything. If you can follow along and click your mouse you have everything you need to get big results.

info-150x150How is this training delivered?

You get access to over 2 ½ hours of “over the shoulder” video training and PDF guides and cheat sheets that give you everything you need to get results with Facebook marketing.

info-150x150How much to get access to this training?

You get instant access for a one-time investment of just $97 $67.

info-150x150What’s different from other training?

This course is based off what is working right now on Facebook. This isn’t based on theory… I’ve personally generated $100k in profits with Facebook over the past year alone, and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to generate leads and sales with Facebook right away.

info-150x150What if I’ve tried in the past and failed?

I’ll show you why you haven’t seen results and how to overcome the most common Facebook marketing mistakes.

info-150x150Is this just about Facebook Ads?

The focus is on Facebook ads, but what you learn in this training is transferable to all sorts of marketing networks. You’ll also discover how to use Facebook to build lists, promote affiliate offers, your own offers, and even offline businesses. This truly is the most comprehensive guide to Facebook marketing ever released.

info-150x150Will this work for my business?

Yes… literally ANY business (online or offline) will benefit from this training.

info-150x150Is there a guarantee?

Yes. You get 30 days to make sure this is for you.

info-150x150Why should I get this right now?

You can start using what you discover inside this training to generate leads and make money. Plus, if you wait, the price on this will increase. There’s no reason to wait, especially since there’s no risk for a full 30 days.